Rafting- Recreation on the Wild Waves

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Rafting on the wild waters in a rubber boat is a popular form of active rest and extreme sports. The most adventurous are in love with the wild natural beauty. They use rafting to satisfy their innate but also suppressed the need for coping with fear.white-water-rafting-1

Thanks to its challenges and dangers, rafting causes a rush of adrenaline, a hormone whose primordial and the original purpose was to train the body for fight or flight. Not let’s break the term rafting and make it a little bit simpler.

What is Rafting?
Rafting includes adventurous voyage on wild rivers in rubber boats that are operated by paddles. The boat is mostly situated between four and twelve people, led by the leader of the rafting or skipper.
Today rafting is, depending on sailing conditions, an increasingly popular way for active holidays or extreme sport.rafting

But with the fans of the natural beauty of rivers, waterfalls and canyons, and the adrenaline junkies and extreme sports, the beauty and benefits of rafting discover more and more entertain people. For business people rafting represents an excellent opportunity not only to get rid of accumulated stress, which is abundant in their professional everyday life, but also in terms of adventure sailing team, in which participants are dependent on each other.

From Active Holidays to Extreme Sport
According to its characteristics, such as speed and power flow falls, streams, bends, waves, whirlpools, waterfalls and shutterstock_114911320-small-960x640rocks, rivers, and rapids where rafting takes place, this sport has the scales of 1 to 6. Rafting transformed from a simple holiday trip, through one of the more effective and more demanding forms of psychological and physical recreation, to a very extreme sport, created for those who own addiction to adrenaline and want to meet struggling with often unfathomable vagaries of wild rivers.

A Few Tips for Rafting

1. The rafting adventure takes on only if you know how to swim, if you are healthy, if you are an average psycho-physical condition and do not suffer from vertigo.

2. Before you decide to go for rafting, be well informed and meet professional and safety standards of the agency that arranges the trip and decide for one that has a professional license, boats, equipment and skippers. 3. Before you decide for rafting evaluate well your options, especially if it’s your first rafting in life. 4. If rafting is not dependent on the weather, keep in mind that the cold weather and cold water weight influences the overall experience

5. As a rule, you need to have clothes for rafting that will only be wet, and dry clothes for dressing and walking or camping, and a change of clothes and shoes for changing after the end of a one-day or multi-day tours.
6. Review the safety rules and behavior (which will be given by a professional agency), and strictly follow them during rafting.